An Eclectically Stylish Wedding | The Sun Pavilion | Harrogate

There is no other way to describe this wedding in one word: ECLECTIC. How else do you pull together a 1930s art deco building peppered gently with exquisite oriental floral arrangements and throw in some Grecian goddess slash bohemian-esque styling that still allows the character of the entire venue to shine through? But best of all, this wedding was stoked with immense love, laughter and affection as (hopefully) the pictures reveal AND it also happens that the majestic Sun Pavilion stands in one of my favourite childhood places – Valley Gardens. Massive thumbs up to Harrogate Council for the beautiful upkeep of this fine public space.

Happy days x

P.S. This wedding is featured on wedding blog Love My Dress where you can find all the gorgeous styling details.

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