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Image by Emma Louise Latham

Hello and thank you for visiting my site! I am a wedding photographer based between Nottingham and London. I come from Harrogate, North Yorkshire and have lived in many places ranging from Liverpool, Sheffield, Derby and Ashby De La Zouch.  Overseas I have lived in Beijing and Berlin. I love to travel and will go anywhere for a wedding!

My work is mostly driven by this theme:

‘I want to show people how much they are loved and how much fun they had’


I love to reminisce over my own wedding day and feel that it is still the best party I have ever attended. But what gives me the warmest feeling is that I got to share it with the majority of our closest family and friends. A wedding day is a rare occasion in that these people from both sides of the family gather under one roof to celebrate you. This is why my work is foremost very relationship-focused.  It’s the people that matter. I think that the one thing I cared most about on my wedding day was that we all just had an amazing time. A wanted my wedding day to be one we would remember with great fondness and loads of great stories to tell! And so I always aim to make pictures that will help you do just that.


The key thing I want people to know about my style and the way I work is this: your personality, those little gestures and faces that makes you ‘you’ or the way you laugh together and your relationship with each other is what I want to bring out most in your pictures. The people who are most important in your lives will also be very important to me. And I really like people to just be normal, whatever normal is for you! There are no set shot lists in mind because your wedding is always treated as unique. Making sure my pictures look natural and that people feel comfortable with me photographing them is crucial to the way I work.

Investing time in getting to know you, your family and guests is paramount to the process – we only get one chance at this!

To learn more about my style, please take a look at this page.


I think if you like my philosophy and approach section, we’re probably a good match! Here are some things I think you might agree on or just like!

  • Your greatest concern on your wedding day is that everyone has a grand time.
  • You’re probably very family orientated (even if family means friends you are very close to)
  • You LOVE music. You can’t not have good music at your own wedding.
  • You like things to be very relaxed and even informal.
  • Whilst you want great pictures, you’re not keen on anything set up or artificial looking.
  • You want to see lots of real moments, genuine laughter and emotion in your pictures.
  • You appreciate comedy moments on camera.
  • You don’t care too much about looking ‘perfect’ in every photo – what matters more is the moment.
  • You love to laugh and laugh with others!
  • You appreciate street photography and like pictures to sometimes be ‘random’.
  • You can’t wait to see everyone get crazy on the dance floor!