A Whimsical Wedding | Tin Tabernacle | Lewes

If this wedding was something from the sky, it would definitely be a giant rainbow with glitter clouds in company…followed by golden pots of freshly churned out churros (ah if only the sky did rain churros!) and molten dipping chocolate at each end of the rainbow.

Pure happiness.

I had been up since 6 that morning, drove myself from London to Lewes, worked through until midnight and still left on a high. So much that I sang out loud to myself in the car all the way home from this wedding (might have been the caffeine-charged Mountain Dew though…). I was sad it was over the following morning!

I remember leaving Dan and Candy’s place after meeting for the very first time with a skip in my step – they had completely impressed me with their equal enthusiasm and bubbly chatter about this turquoise tin shed, their love of photography (YES!), food (even more YES!), sparklers, a giant champagne bottle the size of a small child (amazing wedding present idea by the way), a fire pit, a craft station and her musician dad’s top hat etc. etc. Plus – I was greeted with home made chocolate brownies baked by Dan (tip for blokes: girls LOVE a man who can bake!) and an exceptionally handsome ginger cat called Hemingway (so cute that Dan and Candy’s friends made little pin badges of Hemingway for them as he couldn’t make the wedding!).

So I knew this wedding was going to be epic. I just didn’t realise it was going to be even more epic than I had imagined. See for yourself!

But just one last note, only banging on about how cute the wedding decor was and how fashionable they were doesn’t really do this wedding justice.  I mean, I loved all their creative DIY and hard work but it wasn’t really all about how cool of all of those things were. I really hope that people who don’t know Dan and Candy can see in these pictures what I saw in them as human beings. As the only outsider at this wedding (and what a privilege it was!) I witnessed something remarkably genuine and special about these two people. Their immense warmth and good nature was clearly reflected by the amount of love and affections poured over them by their friends and family – and also by just how much they really got stuck in and helped out in the run up, on the day and no doubt the day after! Candy’s best friend had made the photo wall montage and served up a massively heart-felt best-girl speech, Dan’s friends turned themselves into sweat buckets muscling the barbecue on an extremely hot day for England and Dan’s sister roped in a pair of very brave friends to take on the catering for about 100 people! There were heaps more people in the background who I knew had stayed up late the night before to prepare the venue…I was so impressed by the team effort.

A big dinosaur-sized thank you to Dan and Candy for sharing their big day with me and also to all their friends and family who made me feel so, so welcome!

I wish them a massive magic carpet ride through their journey together, heavily sprinkled with love, laughter and merry bonfire night-sparkle (their romance began on bonfire night – aaaaaw!).


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    It wonderfully sums up the moment, and captures a little of the magic that was in the air that day.ReplyCancel

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