A Rockin’ Arabic Wedding | The Old Swan Hotel | Harrogate

When you find yourself enjoying a back and forth email conversation with your client in the run up to a wedding – you know this wedding is going to be special! I mean, all weddings are special aren’t they?! but this one in particular made my eyes sparkle not just because it was an Arabic wedding which I have never come across before (YES!) but because it was clear to me that this client had a generous appetite and appreciation for photography (YES! YES!) and also came from an especially loving and warm family (YES! YES! YES!). We were on the same page in terms of capturing moments and I enjoyed hearing the excitement in Mariam’s voice when she said that she wanted to see lots of emotion in her pictures. Catching the magic between people who have a great relationship between them is really what drives my style behind what I try to achieve in wedding photography. And as the day turned out, there was certainly no disappointment! There was so much joy, laughter and celebration in the air it was incredibly difficult not to find it infectious! Another reason why I love photographing weddings! Oh, and if you’re lucky to ever attend an Arabic wedding in the future, these people really know how to work a dance floor!

A huge thank you to Ma’an and Mariam for sharing their big day with so much warmth and being so welcoming! Happy days.

Rock on Arabic weddings!


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