A Brilliant Boho Barn Wedding | Yoghurt Rooms | East Grinstead

When I first saw Charlie and Jack,  I couldn’t help but notice the sweet chemistry bubbling away between the two of them. That was last year at another wedding I had shot so you can imagine how chuffed I was when they gave me the privilege of photographing their big day this summer.

The day started out with the rain maker gate crashing the party by working flat out – one word for it: torrential! However, as unwelcome as this start may have been, I think it turned out to be a good thing (maybe it was something to do with the mystical wishing tree?!) No ‘-zilla’-buttons were flipped and the lovely people at Yoghurt Rooms showed their compassion by helping out beyond their duty as much as possible to turn plan A into plan Brilliant.

As you’ll see, the day turned out not just brilliant but I think it was also a blast! As the outsider, if I was touched by the heartfelt vows Charlie and Jack had penned for each other, had fun having wellies thrown in my direction and charmed by Pedro the three-legged family dog, I am pretty sure everyone else had even more delight at such a beautiful and intimate day. I was pretty impressed by Charlie’s mum’s amazing catering efforts too (and she took on the cake!) – “I’m very proud of my wife” Charlie’s dad told me. Ahh…Bisto!

A huge congratulations and thank you to Charlie and Jack for sharing their day and especially to their mums and dads for being so warm and welcoming!

This gorgeous wedding is also published on UK wedding blog Boho Weddings here.

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  • Becky Kelly

    wonderful photos liz! some gorgeous moments captured and the bride looks so beautiful xReplyCancel

  • Lynn Puxty Woodrow

    I have known Charlie since the day she was born and her wonderful parents for even longer . Thank you for sharing your amazing photos that capture not only a beautiful wedding but also the essence for these amazing people.ReplyCancel

  • Holly Cadogan Flowers

    Beautiful Photo’s!!ReplyCancel

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