My name is Liz Wan and I’m a wedding photographer based in Derbyshire. However I frequently visit Harrogate, North Yorkshire (where I first grew up) and London (where I am still growing up)… I travel across the UK to shoot weddings and I really enjoying photographing people in a way that helps them feel at ease, gives them pictures looking as gorgeous and natural as possible and hopefully that they will find fun taking part in.

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Are you new to hunting for a wedding photographer?…for you I wrote a special little section here as I know how daunting it might all seem! Hopefully you find it helpful! In the meantime, to help you decide whether I am the right fit for you, allow me to encourage you to read on about who I am as a photographer. Visit my blog! I think it’s important to get to know your photographer because I believe that making pictures is all about how you see things and using your heart to find beauty in your subject – it’s quite difficult to take meaningful and beautiful pictures if your heart’s not really in it.

My philosophy on wedding photography is…

In the run up to my own wedding, I remember hearing a lot that my wedding should be all about me and that I should only have what I want. Ok, I can see the kind intention behind why someone might advise this but I don’t whole-heartedly agree. Whilst I do agree it is a celebration of two people joining together in marriage and that no one should succumb to any pressures to have things planned to please other people, it isn’t just about me (I’m not marrying myself!) - I think it’s also about sharing an extremely unique and special day with the people you love most. That’s why when I shoot weddings, I make sure I don’t miss out your nan or grandfather, special friends who might not be in the bridal party etc. One of the best pieces of advice I received when I first started shooting weddings is to take care not to allow your camera to be drawn only to the stronger or more ‘stand-out’ characters in a room – look out for the less obvious characters. I aim to make pictures that not only show how much love there is from the marrying couple to each other, but also from their friends and family. Take a peek at this post to see what I mean!

When I’m shooting a wedding, I’m always thinking about giving the viewer a sense of ‘being there – to get a generous glimpse of what it felt like on the day, not just how it looked. I like wedding albums to be filled with genuine expressions and moments that tell a story of the day.

I also think of wedding photos as a family heirloom, something to hand down to the kids and then the kid’s kids, which is why I believe it is so important to have them presented in a way that will ride out decades to follow and not just hiding on your hard drive.

The way I work

Last but not least…wedding photography should be as unobtrusive as possible (in my style anyway). I will take my shoes off for the ceremony if the floorboards are creaky and try my best not to be a lamp post in the view of the guests during the very key moments of a wedding. I never, ever tell people to smile or say cheese and unless you really want to, I don’t instruct people to pose or tell you to kiss in front of the camera. I might move you into more flattering light but generally, I like people to be as comfortable and natural as possible.

I shoot weddings because…

Photos are pretty special for so many reasons, they freeze time, they keep memories alive, they capture imagination and the subject of the picture can even inspire generations to come. I still look at old photos, especially family ones from times before any awareness of the world took shape in me and wonder what life must have been like in that moment. It is these feelings about photography that have contributed to why I shoot weddings – I want to make pictures that my clients and their future children and their future children’s children will cherish. My job is awesome.

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