There is no other way to describe this wedding in one word: ECLECTIC. How else do you pull together a 1930s art deco building peppered gently with exquisite oriental floral arrangements and throw in some Grecian goddess slash bohemian-esque styling that still allows the character of the entire venue to shine through? But best of all, this wedding was stoked with immense love, laughter and affection as (hopefully) the pictures reveal AND it also happens that the majestic Sun Pavilion stands in one of my favourite childhood places – Valley Gardens. Massive thumbs up to Harrogate Council for the beautiful upkeep of this fine public space.

Happy days x

Liz Wan Photography_1_9940Liz Wan Photography_3_9980Liz Wan Photography_24_9975Liz Wan Photography_8_9905Liz Wan Photography_9_9908Liz Wan Photography_12_9925Liz Wan Photography_15_9929Liz Wan Photography_23_9972Liz Wan Photography_30_0007Liz Wan Photography_26_9992Liz Wan Photography_17_9956Liz Wan Photography_27_9999Liz Wan Photography_28_0003Liz Wan Photography_6_9953Liz Wan Photography_33_0018Liz Wan Photography_37_0032Liz Wan Photography_34_0020Liz Wan Photography_40_0041Liz Wan Photography_45_0889Liz Wan Photography_46_Liz Wan Photography_47_0044Liz Wan Photography_52_0053Liz Wan Photography_50_0050Liz Wan Photography_48_0047Liz Wan Photography_53_0056Liz Wan Photography 02Liz Wan Photography 01Liz Wan Photography_62_0057Liz Wan Photography_63_7043Liz Wan Photography_68_7046Liz Wan Photography_69_7053Liz Wan Photography_78_7065Liz Wan Photography_79_7066Liz Wan Photography 05Liz Wan Photography 04Liz Wan Photography 03Liz Wan Photography_83_0077Liz Wan Photography_73_0084Liz Wan Photography_72_0081Liz Wan Photography_91_0099Liz Wan Photography_96_0116Liz Wan Photography_99_0123Liz Wan Photography_42_0479Liz Wan Photography 06Liz Wan Photography_119_0188Liz Wan Photography 11Liz Wan Photography_131_0230Liz Wan Photography 07Liz Wan Photography_137_0260Liz Wan Photography_144_0278Liz Wan Photography_145_0279Liz Wan Photography 08Liz Wan Photography_130_0227Liz Wan Photography_143_0275Liz Wan Photography_148_0299Liz Wan Photography_155_0344Liz Wan Photography 12Liz Wan Photography_171_0386Liz Wan Photography 13Liz Wan Photography_173_0396Liz Wan Photography_165_0378Liz Wan Photography_167_0382Liz Wan Photography_174_0402Liz Wan Photography_177_0420Liz Wan Photography 14Liz Wan Photography_180_0429Liz Wan Photography 15Liz Wan Photography_203_0545Liz Wan Photography_201_0543Liz Wan Photography_202_0544Liz Wan Photography_185_0442Liz Wan Photography 16Liz Wan Photography_191_0537Liz Wan Photography 10Liz Wan Photography 09Liz Wan Photography 17Liz Wan Photography_214_0581Liz Wan Photography_217_0585Liz Wan Photography 19Liz Wan Photography_223_0590Liz Wan Photography 20Liz Wan Photography 18Liz Wan Photography_251_7263Liz Wan Photography 26Liz Wan Photography 29Liz Wan Photography_253_7344Liz Wan Photography 30Liz Wan Photography 22Liz Wan Photography 28Liz Wan Photography 27Liz Wan Photography_282_7427Liz Wan Photography 31Liz Wan Photography_290_0630Liz Wan Photography_292_0640Liz Wan Photography_301_0682Liz Wan Photography_304_0691Liz Wan Photography_333_0831Liz Wan Photography_311_0741Liz Wan Photography_328_0813Liz Wan Photography_314_0748Liz Wan Photography_353_0955Liz Wan Photography_351_0942Liz Wan Photography_362_0993Liz Wan Photography_363_0998Liz Wan Photography 33Liz Wan Photography_367_Liz Wan Photography 32Liz Wan Photography_352_0944Liz Wan Photography_356_7465Liz Wan Photography_343_0900Liz Wan Photography_344_0903Liz Wan Photography_345_0912Liz Wan Photography_306_0702Liz Wan Photography_392_1162Liz Wan Photography_390_1154Liz Wan Photography 34Liz Wan Photography_394_1168Liz Wan Photography 35Liz Wan Photography_405_1302Liz Wan Photography_407_1313Liz Wan Photography 36Liz Wan Photography_463_7947Liz Wan Photography_442_7809Liz Wan Photography_432_7750Liz Wan Photography 37Liz Wan Photography_480_8022Liz Wan Photography_493_8128Liz Wan Photography_479_8013Liz Wan Photography_461_7940Liz Wan Photography_457_7904Liz Wan Photography_455_7901

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  • Sun Pavilion Harrogate - It was a fantastic day, such a lovely couple.ReplyCancel

I thoroughly recommend marquee weddings (how pretty is the styling?!).

I also recommend inviting your grandma – especially if she is a cute lady all the way from South Africa like Michelle’s Ouma!

In every sense, a beautiful day.

Massive thanks and congratulations to Ashley and Michelle! x

Liz Wan Photography_1_4619Liz Wan Photography_2_4620Liz Wan Photography 01Liz Wan Photography_3_4628Liz Wan Photography_4_4638Liz Wan Photography_6_4643Liz Wan Photography_5_4641Liz Wan Photography_7_4649Liz Wan Photography_8_4650Liz Wan Photography_9_4656Liz Wan Photography_10_4665Liz Wan Photography_11_4695Liz Wan Photography_12_4716Liz Wan Photography_13_4724Liz Wan Photography_14_4731Liz Wan Photography 02Liz Wan Photography 09Liz Wan Photography_15_4750Liz Wan Photography_16_4755Liz Wan Photography 03Liz Wan Photography_17_4793Liz Wan Photography_18_4815Liz Wan Photography_19_4817Liz Wan Photography_20_4819Liz Wan Photography_21_4830Liz Wan Photography_22_4838Liz Wan Photography_23_4626Liz Wan Photography_24_4631Liz Wan Photography 06Liz Wan Photography_25_4850Liz Wan Photography 04Liz Wan Photography_26_4644Liz Wan Photography_27_4645Liz Wan Photography_28_4873Liz Wan Photography_29_4652Liz Wan Photography 05Liz Wan Photography_30_4662Liz Wan Photography_31_4899Liz Wan Photography_32_4907Liz Wan Photography 07Liz Wan Photography_33_4939Liz Wan Photography_34_4942Liz Wan Photography_35_4944Liz Wan Photography_36_4955Liz Wan Photography_37_4964Liz Wan Photography_38_4975Liz Wan Photography_39_4979Liz Wan Photography 08Liz Wan Photography_41_5088Liz Wan Photography_42_5102Liz Wan Photography_43_5171Liz Wan Photography 12Liz Wan Photography_56_5331Liz Wan Photography 13Liz Wan Photography_44_5202Liz Wan Photography 14Liz Wan Photography_46_5226Liz Wan Photography_48_4697Liz Wan Photography_47_5233Liz Wan Photography 15Liz Wan Photography_49_5271Liz Wan Photography_50_5293Liz Wan Photography 16Liz Wan Photography_51_5309Liz Wan Photography_53_5319Liz Wan Photography 17Liz Wan Photography_52_5318Liz Wan Photography_70_4713Liz Wan Photography_55_4728Liz Wan Photography 18Liz Wan Photography 19Liz Wan Photography_58_4769Liz Wan Photography_57_4763Liz Wan Photography_59_5414Liz Wan Photography_60_5430Liz Wan Photography_61_5455Liz Wan Photography 20Liz Wan Photography_62_5462Liz Wan Photography 24Liz Wan Photography_69_5469Liz Wan Photography_63_5468Liz Wan Photography 11Liz Wan Photography 22Liz Wan Photography_65_5530Liz Wan Photography_68_5599Liz Wan Photography_67_5562Liz Wan Photography 23Liz Wan Photography_64_5529

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When I first saw Charlie and Jack,  I couldn’t help but notice the sweet chemistry bubbling away between the two of them. That was last year at another wedding I had shot so you can imagine how chuffed I was when they gave me the privilege of photographing their big day this summer.

The day started out with the rain maker gate crashing the party by working flat out – one word for it: torrential! However, as unwelcome as this start may have been, I think it turned out to be a good thing (maybe it was something to do with the mystical wishing tree?!) No ‘-zilla’-buttons were flipped and the lovely people at Yoghurt Rooms showed their compassion by helping out beyond their duty as much as possible to turn plan A into plan Brilliant.

As you’ll see, the day turned out not just brilliant but I think it was also a blast! As the outsider, if I was touched by the heartfelt vows Charlie and Jack had penned for each other, had fun having wellies thrown in my direction and charmed by Pedro the three-legged family dog, I am pretty sure everyone else had even more delight at such a beautiful and intimate day. I was pretty impressed by Charlie’s mum’s amazing catering efforts too (and she took on the cake!) – “I’m very proud of my wife” Charlie’s dad told me. Ahh…Bisto!

A huge congratulations and thank you to Charlie and Jack for sharing their day and especially to their mums and dads for being so warm and welcoming!

This gorgeous wedding is also published on UK wedding blog Boho Weddings here.

Liz Wan Photography_3_2572Liz Wan Photography_2_2562Liz Wan Photography_2871Liz Wan Photography 01Liz Wan Photography_2623Liz Wan Photography_2668Liz Wan Photography_2673Liz Wan Photography_2626Liz Wan Photography_2611Liz Wan Photography_2614Liz Wan Photography_2586Liz Wan Photography 15Liz Wan Photography_2700Liz Wan Photography 02Liz Wan Photography 03Liz Wan Photography 04Liz Wan Photography 05Liz Wan Photography 06Liz Wan Photography_2904Liz Wan Photography_2914Liz Wan Photography_2936Liz Wan Photography 07Liz Wan Photography_2947Liz Wan Photography_2950Liz Wan Photography_2973UntitledLiz Wan Photography_2699Liz Wan Photography_3008Liz Wan Photography 09Liz Wan Photography_2537Liz Wan Photography_2551Liz Wan Photography_2556Liz Wan Photography_3000Liz Wan Photography_2567Liz Wan Photography_2594Liz Wan Photography 10Liz Wan Photography_3236Liz Wan Photography_3228Liz Wan Photography_3014Liz Wan Photography_3057Liz Wan Photography_3059Liz Wan Photography_3072Liz Wan Photography_3078Liz Wan Photography 08Liz Wan Photography_3111Liz Wan Photography_3147Liz Wan Photography 12Liz Wan Photography_3266Liz Wan Photography_3283Liz Wan Photography_3194Liz Wan Photography_3197Liz Wan Photography_3200Liz Wan Photography_3360Liz Wan Photography_2841Liz Wan Photography 14Liz Wan Photography_2844Liz Wan Photography 13Liz Wan Photography_3402Liz Wan Photography 16Liz Wan Photography_3436Liz Wan Photography_3447Liz Wan Photography 19Liz Wan Photography 22Liz Wan Photography 20Liz Wan Photography 21Liz Wan Photography 18Liz Wan Photography 24Liz Wan Photography_3600Liz Wan Photography 23Liz Wan Photography 25Liz Wan Photography 26Liz Wan Photography_3659Liz Wan Photography 27Liz Wan Photography_3664Liz Wan Photography 28Liz Wan Photography_3837Liz Wan Photography 29Liz Wan Photography_4173Liz Wan Photography_4019Liz Wan Photography 30Liz Wan Photography_4124Liz Wan Photography 31Liz Wan Photography_4177Liz Wan Photography_4212Liz Wan Photography_4184Liz Wan Photography_4079


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  • Becky Kelly - wonderful photos liz! some gorgeous moments captured and the bride looks so beautiful xReplyCancel

  • Lynn Puxty Woodrow - I have known Charlie since the day she was born and her wonderful parents for even longer . Thank you for sharing your amazing photos that capture not only a beautiful wedding but also the essence for these amazing people.ReplyCancel

A church blessing + glad rags + party food + presents + friends and family + lots of love and laughter + cute baby = we have a christening!

A couple of weeks ago, I had the wonderful honour of capturing the christening of beautiful baby Belle for very good friends of mine. What a wonderful tradition their family have of passing on the same christening gown to each child and hand-embroidering their names and christening date on it?!

Massive thanks to Didde and Alex for sharing such a beautiful day in their little family xxx

Liz Wan Photography_9131Liz Wan Photography 01Liz Wan Photography_9377Liz Wan Photography 03Liz Wan Photography_9174Liz Wan Photography_9286Liz Wan Photography 02Liz Wan Photography_9382Liz Wan Photography 04Liz Wan Photography_9231Liz Wan Photography 05Liz Wan Photography 06Liz Wan Photography_9335Liz Wan Photography 14Liz Wan Photography_9360Liz Wan Photography 07Liz Wan Photography 08Liz Wan Photography 09Liz Wan Photography_9412Liz Wan Photography 10Liz Wan Photography_9521Liz Wan Photography 11Liz Wan Photography_9453Liz Wan Photography 13Liz Wan Photography_9482Liz Wan Photography_2Liz Wan Photography 15Liz Wan Photography_9665Liz Wan Photography 12Liz Wan Photography_9450

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  • Didde Bjerglund-Martin - Liz is an amazing photographer who has captured a couple of precious moments at various occasions for us. She did a brilliant job, making sure I had given some thought to what pictures I wanted as well as coming up with her own ideas. She has an excellent way with children, was very professional and produced the photos very quickly! So grateful to have such lovely memories to keep for the rest of our lives. DxReplyCancel

There are many reasons to love photographing weddings. Cool venues (like this one!) is up on the list but I think one of the greatest rewards is being able to bring out the beauty of people’s relationships with each other on camera on such a momentous occasion in their lives (especially when they seemed so shy at first!). Not only was it wonderful to witness and capture the subtle grins of happiness and adoration Kim and James had for each other throughout the day, but also to see which characters Kim and James also had great affection for. Can you find them in the pictures too?!

Huge congratulations to Kim and James! To wild times and roaring happiness throughout their marriage.

Liz Wan Photography_02Liz Wan Photography_17_8994Liz Wan Photography_09Liz Wan Photography_27_2305Liz Wan Photography_17Liz Wan Photography_08Liz Wan Photography_05Liz Wan Photography_06Liz Wan Photography_49_9156Liz Wan Photography_50_9158Liz Wan Photography_10Liz Wan Photography_57_9183Liz Wan Photography_62_2323Liz Wan Photography_9210Liz Wan Photography_11Liz Wan Photography_70_9240Liz Wan Photography_74_9332Liz Wan Photography_14Liz Wan Photography_16Liz Wan Photography_90_9457Liz Wan Photography_88_9445Liz Wan Photography_89_9453Liz Wan Photography_93_2387Liz Wan Photography_18Liz Wan Photography_102_2405Liz Wan Photography_19Liz Wan Photography_20Liz Wan Photography_97_9472Liz Wan Photography_21Liz Wan Photography_24Liz Wan Photography_23Liz Wan Photography_22Liz Wan Photography_135_9644Liz Wan Photography_156_9792Liz Wan Photography_157_9798Liz Wan Photography_158_9802Liz Wan Photography_163_9857Liz Wan Photography_161_9847Liz Wan Photography_166_9929Liz Wan Photography_167_9948Liz Wan Photography_169_9996Liz Wan Photography_172_0027Liz Wan Photography_177_0083Liz Wan Photography_178_0086Liz Wan Photography_187_0135Liz Wan Photography_192_0175Liz Wan Photography_191_0168Liz Wan Photography_193_0193Liz Wan Photography_196_0212

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When you find yourself enjoying a back and forth email conversation with your client in the run up to a wedding – you know this wedding is going to be special! I mean, all weddings are special aren’t they?! but this one in particular made my eyes sparkle not just because it was an Arabic wedding which I have never come across before (YES!) but because it was clear to me that this client had a generous appetite and appreciation for photography (YES! YES!) and also came from an especially loving and warm family (YES! YES! YES!). We were on the same page in terms of capturing moments and I enjoyed hearing the excitement in Mariam’s voice when she said that she wanted to see lots of emotion in her pictures. Catching the magic between people who have a great relationship between them is really what drives my style behind what I try to achieve in wedding photography. And as the day turned out, there was certainly no disappointment! There was so much joy, laughter and celebration in the air it was incredibly difficult not to find it infectious! Another reason why I love photographing weddings! Oh, and if you’re lucky to ever attend an Arabic wedding in the future, these people really know how to work a dance floor!

A huge thank you to Ma’an and Mariam for sharing their big day with so much warmth and being so welcoming! Happy days.

Rock on Arabic weddings!


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If you were walking, wandering or wheeling it by the Church of St. Deny’s on the morning of the 27th last month, you could be forgiven for thinking you were passing some mini celebrity/royal affair….what an IMPRESSIVE turnout! School kids came out with their parents (our bride Amanda is a primary school teacher) waiting eagerly to congratulate the happy couple, guests were wedged into any available feet space possible and some even had to come back out of the church to unblock the entrance and main aisle!

I’ve never smiled so much inside a church.

When I asked Amanda how she visioned her wedding photographs, I got two key messages: friends and family having fun and the church. This church has a very special place in Amanda’s heart and her face would light up whenever she mentioned getting it ready the day before with a few ‘special ladies’. So we had to capture the preparations! The church is often filled with children from Amanda’s school, you get a real welcoming sense of warmth and community in there – clearly a lot of good work has been happening behind the scenes. I love finding out what’s special to bride and grooms!

The reception took place at Andy’s local – the very charming Bustard Inn (how cool is the personalised beer tap?!). The owners are clearly jazz fans and are also rather dedicated to serving up good food and beverage. Check it out if you ever swing by.

Love, love, loved this wedding!

A huge thank you and congratulations to Andy and Amanda!

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  • Bridget Warren - Super photos Liz, they bring back lovely memories of 2 special days. XReplyCancel

  • Joseph Quartson - Wonderful & enchanting images of an amazing couple…ReplyCancel

  • Julie Haycraft - Excellent! And what a fabulous time we had – Amanda you looked stunning, Andy- you scrub up pretty well yourself. xxxReplyCancel

  • Rachel Martin - The informal ones are the best. Fabulous photos x.ReplyCancel

  • Joseph Yarrow - Wonderful pictures Liz. Massive congratulations to Andy and Amanda, looks like they had the best day.ReplyCancel

If this wedding was something from the sky, it would definitely be a giant rainbow with glitter clouds in company…followed by golden pots of freshly churned out churros (ah if only the sky did rain churros!) and molten dipping chocolate at each end of the rainbow.

Pure happiness.

I had been up since 6 that morning, drove myself from London to Lewes, worked through until midnight and still left on a high. So much that I sang out loud to myself in the car all the way home from this wedding (might have been the caffeine-charged Mountain Dew though…). I was sad it was over the following morning!

I remember leaving Dan and Candy’s place after meeting for the very first time with a skip in my step – they had completely impressed me with their equal enthusiasm and bubbly chatter about this turquoise tin shed, their love of photography (YES!), food (even more YES!), sparklers, a giant champagne bottle the size of a small child (amazing wedding present idea by the way), a fire pit, a craft station and her musician dad’s top hat etc. etc. Plus – I was greeted with home made chocolate brownies baked by Dan (tip for blokes: girls LOVE a man who can bake!) and an exceptionally handsome ginger cat called Hemingway (so cute that Dan and Candy’s friends made little pin badges of Hemingway for them as he couldn’t make the wedding!).

So I knew this wedding was going to be epic. I just didn’t realise it was going to be even more epic than I had imagined. See for yourself!

But just one last note, only banging on about how cute the wedding decor was and how fashionable they were doesn’t really do this wedding justice.  I mean, I loved all their creative DIY and hard work but it wasn’t really all about how cool of all of those things were. I really hope that people who don’t know Dan and Candy can see in these pictures what I saw in them as human beings. As the only outsider at this wedding (and what a privilege it was!) I witnessed something remarkably genuine and special about these two people. Their immense warmth and good nature was clearly reflected by the amount of love and affections poured over them by their friends and family – and also by just how much they really got stuck in and helped out in the run up, on the day and no doubt the day after! Candy’s best friend had made the photo wall montage and served up a massively heart-felt best-girl speech, Dan’s friends turned themselves into sweat buckets muscling the barbecue on an extremely hot day for England and Dan’s sister roped in a pair of very brave friends to take on the catering for about 100 people! There were heaps more people in the background who I knew had stayed up late the night before to prepare the venue…I was so impressed by the team effort.

A big dinosaur-sized thank you to Dan and Candy for sharing their big day with me and also to all their friends and family who made me feel so, so welcome!

I wish them a massive magic carpet ride through their journey together, heavily sprinkled with love, laughter and merry bonfire night-sparkle (their romance began on bonfire night – aaaaaw!).


Dan & Candy Resized 40x60
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  • Philip Parfitt - It wonderfully sums up the moment, and captures a little of the magic that was in the air that day.ReplyCancel